Coronavirus Update:
Together, we find ourselves in an extraordinary situation with COVID-19.
This pandemic is affecting all of our communities, our families and our very way of life.
Please rest assured we remain fully committed to safely serving our community.
If you need to sell a property, and don’t want to worry with showings and open houses during these uncertain times,
TN HomeBuyers is here for you.


Meet The TN HomeBuyers Team 

We are so grateful for the team we have here at TN HomeBuyers. We are proud to be able to share a bit about each of our team members with you.

Nathan Oaks

Since joining our team in 2014 he has become an expert in evaluating properties in the Nashville area and surrounding markets where we buy homes. Nathan, a life-long Eagle Scout, loves working with people and loves a challenge. His motto is to IMPACT THE LIVES OF OTHERS IN A POSITIVE WAY. Nathan and his wife, Mandy, have 4 kids as they just welcomed their youngest daughter in June 2018. With such a large family, free time is rare, but when available Nathan enjoys spending time with his family grilling, playing games, riding bikes, and has an unusual obsession with Great White Sharks!

“I love Jesus and try to share the grace and passion of our Lord and Savior with the people that I meet on this incredible journey called life!” ~ Nathan Oaks

Denese Legeiza

Denese has been an integral part of our company family since 2011.  She has watched the city change and grow into what it is today and truly enjoys helping people sell their home quickly and easily.  She’s often the voice behind the phone available to answer any questions you might have about the process, giving expert advice and helping you move forward with the best option!  When she’s not trying to keep up with her 4 grandkids and her husband of 45 years, Tommy, she can be found reading a good book or watching a movie.

Emmy Hendrick 

Emmy (like the award!) joined the team in 2014 and quickly became a closing coordinator extraordinaire! She is extremely adept at dealing with title issues unique to many homeowners and has become an expert at navigating the probate process, clearing up old and outdated liens, and assisting homeowners through each step of the selling process. Prior to joining the team, she spent a decade working in children’s ministry and still can be found teaching preschool ministry on Sundays. Emmy loves a challenge and truly enjoys working with people. When she is not at the closing table she can be found outdoors with her husband of 7 years, Josh. They are both avid outdoorsman that enjoy kayaking, camping, rock climbing, or hanging out with their 2 dogs and cat.

Jeremy Fish

Better known as Fish! A managing partner with TN HomeBuyers for 10 years, Jeremy’s area of expertise are Sales and Construction. Real Estate is his overwhelming passion and he is dedicated to the craft of what he does best – working with folks to take care of their needs and helping them achieve their picture-perfect goals by eliminating all the stress from the house selling process. Growing up in East Tennessee, Jeremy is an avid and life-long VOLS fan! In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his amazing wife, Stephanie, and their clever, outgoing-just sometimes-dramatic, 7-year-old Kesslyn.

“My sole focus is on improving client experiences with great customer service, flexible options for buying their properties on their terms, and efficient operations to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible.” ~Jeremy Fish

Wanda Hendrick

Wanda is a Midwesterner at heart and was born and raised in Oklahoma. She lives with her husband of 25 years and a sassy mini-daschund.  Since joining our acquisitions team in May, she’s quickly become an asset in helping streamline appointments, communications, and is a world class juggler of anything and everything.  She’s your modern day When she’s not spending time with her boys or grandchildren, she can be found crafting in her self-named “Diva Den”!